Nam Cuong Trading Joint Stock Company would like to send you our respectful greetings and deep gratitude for the trust and good cooperation in recent years.

Nam Cuong Trading Joint Stock Company was founded on November 14th 2009, during the development and explosion of construction and industry in Vietnam. Born to be “Vietnamese Market’s Leader in the field of stainless steel’s production, processing and distribution”. After nearly 10 years of development with the remarkable effort of the leaders and all company’s employees, Nam Cuong Company is now a brand in the market, with a diverse network of clients, spreading throughout the country, a professional production – processing – sales system, and the staffs with good qualifications, morality and professional prestige.

Nam Cuong Company always honors the major value of development, which is the opportunities to cooperate with you, our customers. There is no difficulty preventing us from bringing you the utility value which is suitable with your wishes and interest. We believe, with the strong solidarity of Nam Cuong Company and the support of our customers, Nam Cuong stainless steel Company will reach more success in the future. Yours sincerely,



Beginning with the employees working in stainless steel industry from 2000 when Vietnam’s stainless steel market was still in its infancy. Until 2009, three industrial seniors made their efforts to establish Nam Cuong Stainless Steel Corporation.

At its inception, the company had only 7 employees: two mechanical engineers, two business professionals, an accountant and two warehouse workers, whereas the company was only trading and processing some products. With a compact and effective manufacturing system, the company scale doubled to 15 employees one year later. In nearly 10 years, until 2018 its scale increased to over 50 staffs, while warehouse and machinery is adequately invested and modernized. Beside commercial sector, the company nowadays also processes, produces various semi-finished products to meet customers' requirements.

The key products of Nam Cuong today include: threaded pipes, seamless pipes, decorative stainless steel pipes; plates/sheets, industrial stainless steel coils; bars, box tubes; and the steel grades which primarily are SUS 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430, 410, 201.

History of Establishment & Development

With the mission to become the top manufacturing and trading enterprise, processing and distributing stainless steel in Vietnam, from the beginning, we have clearly defined our principles are reputable, dedicated and solid. The employees of Nam Cuong Corporation always upholds those principles and takes them as the guiding star in all working activities as well as in communication with customers and partners.

Organization flow chart

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